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Our capacity list below can help you determine whether we have the capacity for your engineering jobs.

Our capacity list for the fabrication services Draper Manufacturing Ltd provide

•   Tig

•   Mig

•   Arc

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Tube bending

•   5/8 - 42.4

Powder coating

•   Oven capacity: 4.8m

Section Rolling

•   Tube diameters: ½, 5/8, 3/4, 20mm, 1”, 1 ¼”, 1½”, 2”

•   Box section: up to 40mm

•   Angles: up to 50mm

•   T sections


•   3m x 6mm

CNC milling and turning

Laser cutting



•   Circular

•   Band saw

Sheet metal rolling

Laser cutting

•   Steel

•   Stainless steel

•   aluminium

Welding materials

Welding materials Tube bending CNC press brake

CNC press brake

•   5mm x 3m